X-Car “thrashed”

Co-ordSport MD, Peter Collinson, relaxed himself at the weekend by taking the X-Car out for a quick “thrash” at Curborough Sprint Course, expertly organised by


Picture shows the X-Car ready for the start, with daughter Anna Collinson securely helmeted and seated, along for ride.

The X-Car was a development project along with sister Company Xtreme UK. Plans to put the car into production have failed to secure an investor. So the car and moulds are up for sale (would make a great kit car, especially with base Evos being available at sensible prices, and the original steel bodies very prone to rust on UK salty roads!).

Meanwhile, the prototype is kept charged up with the odd airing such as this outing. Even though it is just standard Evo 6 engine, transmission and running gear, with it’s low centre of gravity and weight around 1000Kgs, the car has superb performance and very well balanced handling.

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