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Here at Co-ordSport we have been supplying ARP products for over 25 years! With over 400+ unique part-numbers stocked and available for immediate dispatch, you can be sure to get the best service from us. Stocking a large range of products including head and mains studs & bolts, rod bolts, header & accessory bolts, as well as assembly lubrication, stretch gauges and more!

About ARP: Automotive Racing Products

Since starting in 1968, ARP have gained a wealth of experience in the fastener industry; starting from Design, Installation and Metallurgy, right through to selecting the best materials and recognizing common failures. The company was originally founded by Gary Holzapfel, who noticed many engines at the time were breaking due to fastener failures. Spotting this type of gap in the market and acting on it has created a global automotive products company, still going 55+ years later! To this day ARP have thousands of unique part-numbers available to supply to the market, covering the majority of engine fasteners used in the world!

ARP, the world leader in fastener technology are a manufacturer of engine & transmission bolts/studs, nuts and washers ranging from OEM replacement parts to specialty hardware for racing applications including Formula 1, Indycar, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing, GT Racing, Rally/Off-Road and even marine applications. ARP work directly with the biggest teams in the world but can also meet your private needs. If you need any information, technical support or even custom ARP bolts, please feel free to contact Co-ordSport, who are a major stockist and Wholesale Distributor for the UK and Europe. We recommend ARP kits and components for all engines and critical components of any competition or classic car.


Installing ARP products correctly is crucial to maximizing their benefits. Proper installation ensures that the fasteners perform as intended, maintaining the integrity of the engine or other components under extreme conditions. Incorrect installation can lead to failures, which could be catastrophic in high-performance settings. To aid users, ARP provides detailed instructions with each product, and comprehensive kit instructions are also available on their website.

All it takes is for one fastener to fail and all those sweet parts you bought could end up as scrap metal. So at first glance, $400 for a set of head bolts or $300 for rod bolts might seem expensive, but consider it insurance to protect the rest of the parts you laid down cash for."

- MotorTrend magazine on the importance
of buying high-quality ARP bolts

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