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Exedy is engaged in the development, manufacture, assembly and sale of clutch components and clutch kits. In addition to their expertise in technology, they have also pioneered a world-class range of sports clutch kits and a new range for agricultural vehicles.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 Clutches
The `Normal Series` is designed for faster street car and racing including rally, dirt trial and gymkana.

Hyper Single Clutches
Exedy Hyper Single clutches are a sport clutch design of the latest generation. A compact and lightweight clutch designed to handle high loads while maintaining a pleasant ride, which cannot be achieved with a standard street use clutch.

Hyper Twin and Hyper Triple Clutches
This clutch series is suitable for high power drag racing cars to street use vehicles. These clutches can handle different motorsport levels.

Carbon Hyper Single/Twin/Triple Clutches
The Hyper Carbon is designed for the highest level of motorsport use including Formula 1. The carbon technology is also available for street and track cars, delivering outstanding performance and ease of use.



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