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Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997 with only two products in the range. Turbosmart, with its unique quality and proven reliability, has become synonymous with ‘Automotive Performance’ worldwide. The two go hand in hand and thanks to their outstanding customer service, an unbeatable combination by now.

Today, Turbosmart products are available in more than 50 different countries around the world and can be found in ‘class-winning’ cars in both America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Puerto Rico. The results achieved by these teams together with Turbosmart are an ode to Turbosmart’s development, design and testing. All customer feedback is taken into account in the development of existing and new products.

TurboSmart has received high praise and awards from the international press. The TurboSmart E-boost eletronic turbo pressure regulator won the award for ‘Best Performance Product Runner-up’ at the 2003 Sema Show.


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